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Until now, Safety light curtains have been regarded as able to improve safety but unable to contribute to productivity. Nevertheless, in the case of the RBS type safety devices, their Presence Sensing Device Initiation (PSDI) system for press allow operators to perform the stamping processing without having to operate push button switches. The slide will activate when the operator's hand inserting the material into the die is removed to the safe area, thus, productivity is improved. Needless to say that if the ray is shielded by something when the slide is going down, the slide will stop its motion. Thus, safety can be secured.
We strongly recommend you use our RBS in your factory. This revolutionary safety device functions to improve productivity and safety as well as reduce operator fatigue.

Optional functions for RBS type devices designed to elevate labor efficiency and safety also have acquired the official approval of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan.
1.  Movable Guards
The movable guard not only will reduce the time required to exchange dies, confirm the safety, and resume formal work but also will improve the overall safety of the press machine.
2.  Three-Optical-Axes Floating Blanking Function is available.
This is an optional item for enhancing the function of the light curtain used for processing long strip work-pieces with pass the sensing field of the light curtain.

Press machines will not be stopped even when up to three optical axes are interrupted. When four optical axes are interrupted, the press machine will be forcibly stopped.

it makes your stamping work easier.
Operators now don't have to work as vigorously because they don't have to operate push-button-switches.

It will improve your productivity.
Productivity will be improved as stamping work can be done without operating push-button-switches.

Operators can use both hands to operate push-button-switches as usual.
Thanks to the adoption of an auxiliary optical axis, the front guard for the bolster or part of the front guard can be removed to allow operators to perform their work as usual.

Measures to bring it close to the intentional activation have been taken.
If a person's hand or arm is going in or out from beyond the scope or from the wrong direction, the slide will not activate.

The slide will not activate if the beam has not been interrupted for 0.3 seconds or more. It assures you of even greater safety than before.
Our original functions, such as the newly developed light sensor and double CPU with mutual check function incorporated control box, installed in every unit will assure you of even greater safety than before.

A combination of functions of each divided optical axis will prevent malfunctions from occurring
A.  It detects if a person's hand or arm is going in or out from the upper part of the working range.
If a person's hand or arm is going in or out when the PSDI is being used, the press machine is unable to activate.
B.  When the PSDI is being used, a person's hand or arm going in or out within the operational range for inserting a hand or arm is deemed as within the scope.
C.  When inserting a hand or arm, the press machine can be activated only when the beam are interrupted in sequence of B to C. If only C is interrupted, it will be deemed as abnormal because the action of going in and out has been done from the wrong direction.
D.  It detects a person's hand or arm going in or out from the lower part.
E.  If only E is interrupted at the time when the PSDI is being used, it will be deemed as abnormal.

Protection of dies and prevention of no-load stamping
The work-checking sensor (optional) will check the presence and the position of work pieces to protect dies from being damaged by any malfunction and to prevent the press machine from performing lost motion. In case the work-checking sensor cannot be installed on the machine, a movable pause button (optional) of the PSDI can be installed above the bolster.
Movable guards that facilitate the exchange of dies
We are offering various types of movable guards including partial open and shut, sliding in front and behind, opening and shutting on right and left, and rise and fall types.

Four-optical-axes shielded ray type (safety device mode)
A (non-PSDI mode) ray safety device of four-optical-axes shielded ray type is recommended for processing long strip work pieces.

Press machines that can use this safety device
Press machines with an emergency stop mechanism and an anti-reactivation mechanism that can accept a safety light curtain.
Height of the bolster is 75mm or more.
Depth of the bolster is 1,000mm or less.
Length of the stroke is 600mm or less.
Set angle of overrun is within 15 degrees. (excluding hydraulic press machines)
Emergency stopping time is 300ms or less.
Pressure capacity is 5,000t or less.

Supply Voltage 100VAC±10%, 50Hz/60Hz
Output Relay Safety Relay
Output Contact Rating AC230V. 6A(COS dia.=1)
Power Consumption 50W
Ambient Temperature -5 to 50(Celsius)
Effective Distance 300 to 3,000mm
Protection Height 210 to 1,330mm
Response Time Less than 20ms